The assignment is to create a new identity, application system and graphic standards manual for either a taxi cab company, airlines or a sports venue. The student can pick a company that’s known internationally or nationally. They are going to be responsible for creating a symbol, word mark, or a combination or both for this assignment. 


Thinking about this project, I kept thinking of the SAP Center in San Jose because it was reminiscent of where I was born and raised. So I wanted to do something close to heart. I’ve only been there a handful of times but I’ve always had a good experience there. I wanted to create a logo that embody the SAP Center as a whole. While doing some research, I found out that they only had the SAP Center for 15 years. With that idea in mind, I wanted to something bright and colorful and family oriented that brought people together.The logo itself are hands or people coming together and the color represents each thing event and meaning that the SAP Center in San Jose represents.