The assignment was to create a new line in a sports brand or redesign the brand with newer packaging. Sports brand are innovative and creative when it comes to creating packaging. The students can choose a high brand name like Nike or take the other route and choose something that was made for locals or city dwellers like Timbuk2.


When you think of sports brand you don’t immediately think of a bike company. Ok, Chrome isn’t exactly a bike company but they make messenger bag for city cyclists for mainly San Francisco. Knowing that, I wanted to think of something outside of the box and do a menswear line of clothing for this target audience. These cyclists probably never even thought of having professional clothes because their job never required one. Thinking about that, what if they did? They wouldn’t know where to shop for something like that. I thought that Chrome should carry a menswear line so they can have the best of both worlds and allow the consumer to have a one stop shop.